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Material can be ordered with this form to be viewed in the researchers’ hall. The material is delivered to the researchers’ hall at your desired time. Please note, however, that the minimum delivery time for material is two weeks. If the delivery time exceeds two weeks or the material cannot be delivered, you will be notified accordingly.

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Note! Delivery time for materials is two calendar weeks. The material will be kept in the researchers’ hall for 3 days.

Material to be ordered

Main series, series, private collection, etc. for example, historical picture collection or JOKA (Journalistic picture archive).

Please describe the subject in as much detail as possible; e.g. event, date, place, name of person. If you order portraits, please give the year of birth and/or death of the person portrayed. If available, please fill in any further details on the material in the relevant sections below.

You can upload no more than 5 files.

e.g. year of publication

if known

e.g. publication, where the photos have been published or anywhere that contains references to the material.


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