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XVI Suomalais-venäläinen arkeologisymposiumi - The XVI Finnish-Russian Archaeological Symposium

Suomalais-venäläinen arkeologisymposiumi on kansainvälinen tieteellinen tapaaminen, jonka avulla välitetään uutta tietoa arkeologiassa ja pidetään yllä tutkijoiden välisiä yhteyksiä.

The Finnish-Russian Archaeological Symposium aims to advance scientific research and support connections between researchers.

Teema / Theme: Materiality and Objects: Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Archaeological Material and Contexts

Vuoden 2019 symposiumin teemana ovat löydöt ja niiden tutkimusmetodit. Symposiumin järjestävät yhteistyössä Museovirasto, Suomen muinaismuistoyhdistys ja Suomalais-venäläinen arkeologian alan työryhmä. Symposiumi pidetään Hämeen linnan auditoriossa 10-11.10.2019. Esitelmäpäiviä täydentää ekskursiopäivä Hämeenlinnan ympäristössä 12.10.2019. Symposiumissa esitellään uutta tutkimusta Luoteis-Venäjällä ja Suomessa. Symposiumin työskentelykielenä on englanti.

The symposium 2019 covers all fresh archaeological and multi-disciplinary approaches. The contextualization of finds is understood in a broad meaning: subsistence and everyday life in prehistory and early history, ideologies and worldviews in ancient and more recent times, occasional events of the past like crises and disasters. Organizers of the symposium are The Finnish Heritage Agency, The Finnish Antiquarian Society and Finlyandsko-rossijskaya rabochaya gruppa po sotrudnichestvu v oblasti arheologii. The symposium takes place in the Häme Castle, Hämeenlinna on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October. In addition, there is a bus excursion to archaeological sites on Saturday 12th October. Working language of the symposium is English (with exception of 1-2 oral presentations in Russian or Finnish).

OHJELMA / PROGRAM (vain englanniksi)

Torstai 10.10.2019 / Thursday, 10th October

9.00 Info desk open

Book sale

9.30 Opening of the Symposium

Juhani Kostet, General Director, The Finnish Heritage Agency, Helsinki

V. A. Lapshin, Director, Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IHMC RAN), St. Petersburg


Kerkko Nordqvist, University of Helsinki: Artefacts on the Move. Movement, Mobility and Stone Age Archaeology of North-East Europe

Evgeniia Tkach, IHMC RAN: Stone Age Settlements in the Pskov Region: A Review of Old Materials and New Field-work

Kristiina Mannermaa & Riitta Rainio, University of Helsinki: A Needle Case, a Sound Instrument or Something Else? A Worked and Ornamented Swan (Cygnus sp.) Ulna from a Late Mesolithic Male Burial (Yuzhniy Oleniy Ostrov, North-West Russia)

12.00 Lunch in the Castle


Teemu Mökkönen, Finnish Heritage Agency & Kerkko Nordqvist, University of Helsinki: The Use of Mineral Raw Materials in Neolithic Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland

Andrey Gorodilov, IHMC RAN: Excavations of Burial Cairns near the Village of Bolshoy Bor on the Northern Coast of the Gulf of Finland

Elisabeth Holmqvist-Sipilä & Anna Wessman, University of Helsinki: Lead-Isotope and Geochemical Analyses of Copper-Based Metal Artefacts from the Iron Age Water Burial in Levänluhta, Western Finland

14.45 Coffee break


Vladimir Lapshin, IIMH RAN: Old Ladoga: New Finds and Publications

Natalia Grigorieva, IIMH RAN: Some Results of a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Study of the Staraya Ladoga Archaeological Sites

Hanna-Leena Puolakka, University of Oulu: Coins, Knives and Other Finds – Grave Goods in the Transition Period between the Late Iron Age and the Early Medieval Period in Northern Fennoscandia

Tuija Kirkinen, University of Helsinki: Microscopy of animal hairs from archaeological contexts. Examples from Finland and Russia

17.30 End of the first working day

18.30 Reception by the City of Hämeenlinna Venue: TBA

Perjantai 11.10.2019 / Friday, 11th October


Volker Heyd, University of Helsinki: Migrants, terrestrial diet and intensive networking: A different look at the Corded Ware in Finland, the Baltic Countries, and beyond

Alexander Vybornov & Marianna Kulkova, IHMC RAN: A Chronological Framework for the Development of Finno-Ugric Cultures of the Neo-lithic and Eneolithic of the Northern Kama Region

Eugen Kolpakov, Anton Murashkin, Aleftina Kiseleva & Vladimir Shumkin, IHMC RAN: The Oldest Gressbakken-House Site on the Kola Peninsula

12.00 Lunch in the Castle


Anton Murashkin & Anna Malutina, IHMC RAN: Evidence of Metal Use from Bronze Age sites on the Kola Peninsula

Eugen Kolpakov, Anton Murashkin & Vladimir Shumkin, IHMC RAN: Archaeological Research in the South-Western Part of the Kola Peninsula in 2017–2019: Initial Results

Mika Lavento, University of Helsinki: The Long-Period Dwelling Site of Multavieru at Lake Höytiäinen in Northern Karelia

14.45 Coffee break


Maria Razzak, IHMC RAN: Archaeological Survey of Islands in the Gulf of Finland in 2019

Alexander Saksa, IHMC RAN (Presentation in Finnish and Russian): Kuinka löysimme keskiajan viipurilaiset: arkeologiset kaivaukset 1998–2012 (Развитие Выборга в XV–XVII вв. по материалам археологических раско-пок 1998–2012 гг.)

Oula Seitsonen: Geoarchaeological Approaches to the Taskscapes of Early Reindeer Herders in Northern Sápmi

Petro Pesonen & Ulla Moilanen, University of Turku & Jarkko Saipio, University of Helsinki: From Primitive Axe to Petersen X – A Typological Artefact Database from Finland

17.30 End of the second working day

18.30 Banquette / Evening with Friends

Venue: Hämeenlinnan VPK-talo, Palokunnankatu 18

Lauantai 12.10.2019 / Saturday, 12th October


9.00 Meeting place: Sokos Hotel Hämeenlinna

Guided visit to archaeological sites in the Kanta-Häme region

15.30 Arrival at Helsinki (Central Railway Station)


Ilmoittautuminen ja maksutiedot verkkosivulla https://ssl.eventilla.com/xviarchaeologicalsymposium/FI. Ilmoittautuminen päättyy 1.10.2019.

Registration and information about symposium from our website https://ssl.eventilla.com/xvia.... The registration closes at 1st October.