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What are cookies?

A cookie is a file stored on a user’s computer when they visit the website of a service. This file contains a small amount of data on what the user does on the website during their visit. A server sends data about the user’s activity on the website to the user’s browser. The next time the user visits the website, this data can be retrieved directly from the user’s computer, instead of the server.

Are cookies harmful?

Cookies do not cause harm to computers, files or internet use. Cookies are ordinary text files that cannot contain viruses. Moreover, these files are so small that they will not fill up your computer’s memory even if you do allow them to be stored on your device. Furthermore, cookies do not enable third-party access to the information on a user’s hard drive.

Essential cookies

  • craft_csrf_token: A publishing system cookie used as protection against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks. The cookie remains active for the duration of a user’s visit to the website.
  • cookie_use_acceptance: A cookie that retains information on whether a user has allowed or blocked cookies in the browser. The cookie remains active for six months.

Tracking cookies (non-essential cookies)

If a user has allowed the use of cookies, the website’s visitor tracker will collect general statistics about the website’s use, and this data will be utilised to improve the online service. The data includes the page from where a user arrives to the website, pages loaded, loading time and date, browser, operating system and the user’s internet provider.

The purpose of the tracking is not to identify individual users, and IP addresses are not stored in full. However, an IP address will be used to assess which organisation it is registered to and what the user’s geographical location is.

  • _ga, _ga_,: Google Analytics visitor tracker. Remains active for two years.
  • _dc_gtm_: Google Tag Manager visitor tracker. Remains active for one minute.
  • _gid: Google Analytics visitor tracker. Remains active for three months.

Third-party applications (non-essential cookies, plug-ins)

Some of the pages at use third-party applications to display content. These include embedded YouTube videos and forms. These applications may send cookies to a user’s browser when pages are loaded, and the cookies convey data about the loading and address of a page to the third party. The internal operation of these cookies cannot be influenced through the cookie settings of the website. Third-party cookies can be blocked or allowed in the browser settings.

Blocking cookies

The website displays a cookie banner. Users can allow the use of non-essential cookies and plug-ins when visiting the website.

If a user does not allow cookies, no non-essential cookies or plug-ins will be stored.

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