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The duties and cooperation of the Cultural Environment Services department

The expert and administrative duties related to the archaeological cultural heritage, built cultural environments and their restoration, and the cultural environment all fall under the responsibility of the Cultural Environment Services department (Kulttuuriympäristöpalvelut). The department also handles matters pertaining to traditional ships. These duties are based on the Act on the National Board of Antiquities. The department’s operations are also steered by the Antiquities Act, Land-Use and Building Act, Act on the Protection of the Built Heritage, Church Act and Act on the Orthodox Church.

The Cultural Environment Services department takes part in land-use planning work, such as zoning, and functions as an expert in matters concerning building protection and the restoration of protected buildings.

It produces information and increases awareness on the protection and values of cultural environments, and the opportunities they afford. The department organises protection programmes and projects, and is involved in international operations as well as in the preparation and monitoring of grants in the field of cultural history in collaboration with other departments.

The department consists of four units:

The regional units’ duties have been divided by province so that an archaeologist, a restoration expert and an intendant in charge of matters related to the protection of buildings and the cultural environment has been assigned for each province.

The Finnish Heritage Agency’s organisation

The map below illustrates the regional units’ areas of responsibility. Click on the map for contact information.

Regional museums and their cultural environment duties

The regional museums are the most important partners for the Finnish Heritage Agency’s Cultural Environment Services. Those regional museums that the Finnish Heritage Agency has signed a cooperation agreement with also take part in the expert and administrative duties concerning cultural environment. The scope of these agreements depends on the resources of each regional museum (building researcher, restoration expert, archaeologist).

According to the agreement, a regional museum will participate in land-use projects, provide statements on zoning, and take part in administrative negotiations. In addition to the administrative duties pertaining to the cultural environment, the agreement concerns inventories and research, the development of a cultural environment monitoring system, steering and guidance provision, exchange of information, communications, and the availability of information and the development of the field on both the national and international level.

Collaboration similar to the regional museums’ agreement has also been arranged with the Sámi museum Siida, Espoo City Museum and Vantaa City Museum.

In addition to the regional museums, the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY), Regional Councils and several Finnish specialty museums and local museums function as key cooperation partners.

The cooperation agreements signed between the Finnish Heritage Agency and the regional museums provide the framework for the cultural environment authorities’ work.

Yhteistyosopimukset 2015
Yhteistyosopimukset 2015
Museoviraston ja maakuntamuseoiden väliset yhteistyösopimukset määrittävät kulttuuriympäristön viranomaistoimintaa.
Cooperation agreements

1. The Provincial Museum of Lapland, agreement
2. The Museum of Torne Valley, agreement
3. Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, agreement and Annex
4. Kainuu Museum, agreement
5. The Provincial Museum of Central Ostrobothnia/K.H.Renlund Museum, agreement
6. Ostrobothian Museum, agreement
7. The Provincial Museum of South Ostrobothnia, agreement
8. The Museum of Central Finland, agreement
9. The Provincial Museum of Northern Savonia/Kuopio Cultural History Museum, agreement
10. The North Karelian Museum Hilma, agreement
11. Satakunta Museum, agreement
12. Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum/Museums in Tampere, agreement
13. Savonlinna Provincial Museum, agreement
14. The Provincial Museum of Southwest Finland/The Museum Centre of Turku, agreement
15. The Kanta-Häme Provincial Museum/Hämeenlinna Historical Museum, agreement
16. Lahti Historical Museum/Lahti City Museum, agreement
17. The Kymenlaakso Museum, agreement
18. The Regional Museum of South Karelia, agreement
19. The Western Uusimaa Provincial Museum, agreement
20. The Central Uusimaa Provincial Museum/Helsinki City Museum, the Central Uusimaa agreement, the agreement with Espoo and Vantaa
21. The Eastern Uusimaa Provincial Museum/Porvoo Museum,  agreement
22. The Sámi Museum Siida, agreement

Contact information for the regional museums