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Together towards socially effective cultural heritage work

Cultural heritage is a necessary resource for a good society, it is alive and it surrounds everyone. Cultural heritage helps us see meaning, depth and perspective in the world.

The Finnish Heritage Agency ensures that multiform cultural heritage is preserved as well as promotes its accessibility and open use. Our work promotes sustainable development and common well-being. We do things together, we are genuine in our interaction with people and we inspire everyone to experience a sense of belonging with their cultural heritage.

We try to encourage as many people as possible to own their cultural heritage and participate in preserving it. We feel that increasing the significance of cultural heritage in people’s everyday lives is the best way to cherish it.

We communicate the values and multiple meanings of cultural heritage in an understandable and visible way. We want to involve more and more people in defining cultural heritage and participating in cultural heritage work. We develop and offer new tools for protecting cultural heritage through experiments conducted together with our partners.

We promote the use of cultural heritage based on strengthening its values and the principles of sustainable development. We strive to create and find new meaning to cultural heritage.

We promote and support the opening up of cultural heritage material on a larger scale, as well as promote and support better availability, easier accessibility and the free use of cultural heritage material. We do this by opening up material and inspiring people to experience and find it. We offer new models and tools for the freer and more versatile use of cultural heritage.

We work together with our partners and develop ways of interacting with people. We are easy to reach, and we are present where things need to be done and where things happen.

We develop new digital services, new manners of cooperation and our own customer understanding. We are successful when operating and interacting with us is considered positive and valuable.

We act as active problem solvers and promote common well-being and sustainable development. We apply history to our view of the present and the future. We provide our skills for the use of society and speak fearlessly on important issues.

We are involved in topical discussions and start new discussions in cooperation with others. We are visible and speak up about the significance of cultural heritage today.