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The Finnish Heritage Agency is responsible, together with other authorities and the museum field, for protecting environments with cultural history value, archaeological culture heritage and architectural heritage, and other cultural property. It also collects and presents a culture historical national collection, studies material cultural heritage and both supports and develops the museum field nationally. The Finnish Heritage Agency provides varied and constantly developing services for all citizens.

Director General Tiina Merisalo

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The National Museum of Finland is a museum of Finnish cultural history. It serves as the central museum of its kind in the country, and its purpose is to study, collect, and display items and artefacts that represent cultural heritage. The national collection of Finnish history and cultural history contains over half a million items. The National Museum is in charge of the operations of eight museums, as well as the Häme Castle and Olavinlinna Castle, and it is actively engaged in developing museum activities in its field.

Director General Elina Anttila
Director of Museum Services Tiina Mertanen

Marketing and Communication, Director of Marketing and Communication Päivi Kukkamäki
Collections Centre, Intendant Heidi Rajala
Conservation, Intendant Eero Ehanti
Collections and research, Chief intendant Sanna Teittinen
Exhibitions, Head of Exhibitions Minerva Keltanen
Public Programmes and Events, Head of Public Programmes Hanna Forssell
National Museum, Intendant Mari Vadén
Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, Tamminiemi and Hvitträsk, Intendant Mikko Teräsvirta
Castles (Häme Castle, Olavinlinna Castle, Louhisaari) and The Prison, Intendant Jouni Marjamäki
The Maritime Museum of Finland, Langinkoski, Intendant Pia Paukku

The personnel of the National Museum of Finland

The webpage of the National Museum of Finland

The department is responsible for expert and official tasks related to cultural environments, such as significant archaeological sites and findings, historical architecture, restoration, landscapes, and historical ships. It produces information and creates awareness on the protection of cultural environments, as well as on pertaining values and opportunities. The department organises various protection programmes and projects, and it is involved in international operations as well as in the preparation and monitoring of grants in the field of cultural history in collaboration with other departments.

Director of Department Mikko Härö

Policy and Guidance, Director of Department Mikko Härö
Restoration, Chief Intendant Helena Hirviniemi
Western Finland, Chief Intendant Helena Taskinen
Eastern and Northern Finland, Chief Intendant Petri Halinen

The personnel of the department

The department is responsible for the archive, picture, library, and knowledge management services, and its other tasks include expanding and managing the archives, archaeological collections, picture collections and library collections. The department provides information and image bank services, as well as instructions and guidance on appropriate matters within the Finnish Heritage Agency and the field of cultural heritage. Additionally, it supports the development of museum data systems on a national level. It is also in charge of maintaining the data systems of the Finnish Heritage Agency.

The department also provides archaeological field services for a fee.

Director of Department Pirjo Hamari

Library, Archives and Archaeological Collections, Chief Intendant Jutta Kuitunen
The Picture Collections, Chief Intendant Ismo Malinen
Knowledge Management, Chief Intendant Miikka Haimila
Archaeological Field Services, Chief Intendant Marianna Niukkanen

Personnel of the department

The unit is responsable for marketing and communication, publications, conference & banqueting facilities, restaurang concepts and museumshops of the Finnish Heritage Agency and the National Museum of Finland.

Director of Marketing and Communication Päivi Kukkamäki

Marketing Manager, Heidi Ketola
Sales Manager, Kirsi Nisonen

The personnel of Marketing and Communication

Administrative Services

The unit supports the activities of the operational units by providing HR services and legal counselling as well as promoting conformity to law and good governance. It is also responsible for interpreting agreements and regulations as well as other norms and instructions. In addition, the unit develops and maintains the payroll system as well as travel and procurement processes, and it is in charge of activities, such as recruitment and the organisation of occupational safety and health arrangements.

The unit also provides financial management services, financial planning and monitoring, as well as guidance and control services. It is responsible for contracts related to the renting and user services of properties

Administrative Director Carolina Ansinn

The personnel of Administrative Services

Development Services is responsible for the general development of the Finnish museum field, contractual control of the regional operation of museums and specialised fields, the distribution of state funding, and the maintenance of museum statistics. Development Services promotes cooperation between museums, provides advice, conveys information and participates in development projects in the museum sector.

Director of Development Ulla Salmela

The personnel of Development of the Museum Sector