Mauri Vuorinen, the press photographer in 2018. Image: Tiina Oasmaa / JOKA / The Finnish Heritage Agency   . Kuvaaja: Tiina Oasmaa

90-year-old Mauri Vuorinen tells about his 40 years as press photographer on a video interview


Mauri Vuorinen tells about his colleagues in the 1950’s and 1960’s, how he shot the first ever press photo through a car window and what he thinks makes a good press photo.

Vuorinen worked as a press photographer for the newspaper Uusi Suomi 1957 – 1990 and after the newspaper went bankrupt, for the tabloid Iltalehti. He rocks in his chair at his summer place in Tampere and looks back to his years as a press photographer.  He also discloses on a video interview (in Finnish), produced by the Finnish Press Photo Archive JOKA, how a working day was made longer for an Independence Day reception at the Presidential palace in Helsinki.

Watch 4 videos (in Finnish).