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The Climate Heritage Network is a global organisational network focused on how the resources of the art and culture sector can be used to mitigate climate change and support the goals of the Paris Agreement through voluntary forms of cooperation.

Finnish Heritage Agency the first Finnish operator to enter the international Climate Heritage Network


The Climate Heritage Network, founded in 2018, focuses on the potential of cultural heritage to promote ecological sustainability and climate actions through art, culture and cultural heritage. The 225 member organisations of the network include national agencies for cultural heritage, research institutes, NGOs and cultural operators from around the world. The Finnish Heritage Agency is the first operator from Finland to join.

Through the Climate Heritage Network, the Finnish Heritage Agency is involved in global work to create and spread innovative climate actions and practices based on cultural heritage and raise awareness of how nature and culture are interwoven.

“Through the network, we can help other cultural heritage operators recognise their role regarding climate action. The network also seeks solutions for the tensions between the protection of cultural heritage and climate change mitigation and adaptation. It is important to us to learn from the other network members and the policies in different countries for assessing impact and developing indicators, for example,” says Director General of the Finnish Heritage Agency Tiina Merisalo, evaluating the development.

The Climate Heritage Network is actively forming connections between the culture sector and the people making decisions about climate action. Through knowledge and action related to cultural heritage, we can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Expertise and work in the cultural heritage sector have a role to play in supporting circular economy, controlling consumption, and promoting a culture of recycling. The significance of traditional skills for sustainable living is also one of the opportunities offered by cultural heritage. At the same time, climate change is one of the most significant and fastest-growing threats to the preservation, maintenance and positive regeneration of cultural heritage.

To successfully move to a low-carbon future, mitigate climate change and adapt to the changes that have already happened, we need extensive cooperation and shared goals between individuals, organisations, governments and communities. The over 200 members of the Climate Heritage Network include ministries, national agencies on cultural heritage, indigenous peoples’ organisations, non-governmental organisations, universities, and businesses from sectors related to cultural heritage, such as design and architecture. The network was founded in San Francisco in 2018 in connection with the Global Climate Action Summit. The network operations are coordinated by an international steering committee and secretariat.

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Finnish Heritage Agency, Director General Tiina Merisalo,
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