Sivistyshallinto kansikuva kookas

Education and Culture Administration 2030 reform project: the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Governing Body of Suomenlinna would merge into a single agency

The Ministry of Education and Culture has 20.12.2023 announced the progress of the reform of the administrative sector 2030 project. In addition to the Ministry, administrative sector would consist of five agencies, instead of the current eleven. The Finnish Heritage Agency and the Governing Body of Suomenlinna would become a united agency responsible for cultural heritage. The new agency will start operating on 1 January 2026.

The administrative status of the National Museum of Finland as part of the National Heritage Agency will remain unchanged. The new agency would operate as a property management agency, and negotiations are under way to restore the status of property management agency to the Finnish Heritage Agency. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna already operates as a property management agency.

There are no imminent changes to the services or activities of existing agencies as a result of the reform. The new agencies will start operating on 1 January 2026, and any changes will be announced as practical preparations progress in the coming years.

The reform of the education administration will be implemented by streamlining the agency structure, strengthening the knowledge base, centralising and harmonising IT systems and digital services. It will also harmonise policies and renew the division of labour in common services.

The reform also requires changes to legislation. The Government's proposal for legislation on education administration is to be prepared so that the bills can be submitted to Parliament for decision in the spring session of 2025.