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TAKO provides museums with tools to open up and develop their collections collaboratively.

TAKO is an acquisitions, documentation and collection collaboration network for professionally managed Finnish museums, which is part of the operations of the Finnish Heritage Agency and the National Museum of Finland.

TAKO, the acquisition, documentation and collection collaboration network for professionally managed museums, develops and maintains the national division of labour in acquisitions and documentation. The jointly recognised and shared acquisitions and documentation responsibilities of the museums participating in the network enable the versatile utilisation and mobility of collections while also emphasising the accessibility and importance of collections. The network’s systematic development work supports the community-based utilisation of museum collections as a social resource. The TAKO network develops museums’ collection expertise and supports their roles as cultural heritage specialists and conveyors. The network promotes diverse collection collaboration and participates in topical discussions. The TAKO network provides a forum for new discussions, collaboration and the sharing of expertise in the field of collection work.  

Read more about the TAKO network and its operations on TAKO’s own website (in Finnish).