European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

The European Union has designated the year 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The Cultural Heritage Year is an umbrella under which various projects, events, initiatives and campaigns are run across Europe. The Finnish Heritage Agency is in charge of coordinating the year’s activities in Finland.

The Finnish main theme for the year is participation in cultural heritage. Everyone is welcome to join in the implementation of the year’s activities: people interested in cultural heritage, experts in the field, NGOs, and regional and local operators.

The national aim for the year is to promote inclusion and participation, but also to increase accessibility, availability (including digital forms) and sustainable use of cultural heritage. Another important aspect among the year’s goals is to utilise cultural heritage as a meeting place, means of communication and social resource.

At the European level, the year’s objectives form a combination of European and local flavours: more people are encouraged to learn about Europe’s diverse cultural heritage and to consider its significance in their own lives. And what role do our roots and cultural heritage play as building material for social constructions, now and in the future? Furthermore, the aim will be to promote the financial opportunities afforded by cultural heritage, as cultural heritage is an investment for the future. The Union will also be highlighting the importance of cultural heritage through the prevention and resolution of conflicts.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage has its own website in Finland, which contains further information about the theme year, instructions on how to participate, and introductions of projects that have joined so far.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage website in Finland
The Year of Cultural Heritage on Facebook

More information:
Chief Intendant Ulla Salmela, tel. +358 295 33 6251, ulla.salmela@museovirasto.fi

Project Manager Hanna Lämsä, tel. +358 295 33 6027, hanna.lamsa@museovirasto.fi

The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (the European Commission's website)
The decision of the European Parliament and the Council (EU)2017/864, 17 May 2017, on a European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018)
European Years (at the European Commission’s website)