Itamerifi 2000X1000 Sukeltaja Valo - The treasure trove of Finnish marine data now available in English

Everything you wanted to know about the Baltic Sea is now gathered in one place. Go to to find real-time data from the sea and the best places to visit. Or maybe you want to learn more about underwater cultural heritage, marine habitats, different species and changing sea nature? It’s all there. is available in three languages: in Finnish, in Swedish and in English. Finnish (Itä and Swedish (Östersjö versions launched in April and now it’s time to reveal the true treasure trove of Finnish marine data in English.

“Several Finnish institutes have collected information and material about the Baltic Sea for decades and only a small part of it has been available to the public. Now this information is freely accessible for everyone to use and enjoy. We also hope the open marine data will accelerate new innovations,” says Paula Kankaanpää, Director of the Marine Research Centre at the Finnish Environment Institute.

Your guide through domestic summer holidays

Have your summer plans been canceled? Don’t worry, is your travel guide for summer holidays in Finland by, on or under the sea. Many sightseeing destinations on Finland’s coastline and archipelagos are cultural landscapes and maritime constructions that emphasize the deep connection Finns have with the sea. Whether you are interested in lighthouses, historic wrecks or fortresses, you will find your destination from

And don’t forget! A mobile map for boaters, people with holiday homes and anyone on the coast. The service provides information on topics such as the weather and conditions at sea, restricted areas of various types, guest harbours, amounts of cyanobacteria and places worth a visit.

Collaboration on the Sea

Three years ago, nine Finnish organizations decided to join their forces and build a website dedicated to this beautiful, unique and diverse sea we call the Baltic sea. The thought became a true treasure trove called and it is now open for everybody to enjoy! gathers sea data and knowledge from nine Finnish organizations and institutes: Finnish Environment Institute, Geological Survey of Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Natural Resources Institute of Finland, Metsähallitus, Finnish Heritage Agency, Finnish Maritime Spatial Planning Coordination, Brahea Centre at the University of Turku and the Government of Åland. The development of the portal was financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The Finnish Environment Institute coordinated the work.

“The Baltic Sea is an exceptional northern sea. We want to shed light on its many aspects. The marine information used to be difficult to find and use, as it was scattered in different places, with outdated user interfaces and hard to navigate websites. In this new site we have listened to our clients and emphasized usability and visuality,” says Project Coordinator Hanna Piepponen from the Finnish Environment Institute.