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Tiina Merisalo on aiemmin toiminut mm. Helsingin kaupunginmuseon johtajana. Kuva: Marja Väänänen

Tiina Merisalo to head the Finnish Heritage Agency

The Government has appointed Museum Director, Master of Arts Tiina Merisalo as the Director General of the Finnish Heritage Agency for the term 1 April 2020–31 March 2025.

Merisalo completed a master of arts degree in 1991. She has also completed an EMBA in 2015. She has held the post of director of Helsinki City Museum since 2003. Before that, she worked as a Cultural Director substitute, City Museum unit manager, researcher and building researcher as well as an intendant for Espoo City Museum.

The tasks of the Finnish Heritage Agency include managing the accumulation, maintenance and exhibition of the national collection of cultural history, acting as the expert authority on safeguarding cultural heritage and the cultural environment, managing the maintenance and monitoring of ancient relics, building culture and the cultural environment as well as managing cultural heritage research and the recording, safekeeping and availability of data concerning cultural heritage.

Merisalo will start in her post on 1 April 2020. Elina Anttila shall serve as the acting director general until then.

Thirteen people expressed their interest for the post by the due date.

For more information, please contact: Director General Riitta Kaivosoja (Ministry of Education and Culture), tel. 02953 30129

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