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Riikka Alvik, Vesa Hautsalo, Ulla Klemelä, Aki Leinonen, Hannu Matikka, Sallamaria Tikkanen and Eeva Vakkari (eds.)
2014, 79 pages, PDF, ISBN 978-951-616-248-8, ISSN 2243-1365
National Board of Antiquities' Reports 2

The aim of the Vrouw Maria Underwater project was to produce new information about the vessel which was wrecked in 1771 in the Finnish archipelago, its cargo and the landscape. Concrete research questions included what the vessel the Vrouw Maria was like, what kind of cargo and art cargo she was carrying and what kind of elements were in the past and present landscape of the wreck site. The project also considered how the wreck should be preserved and whether the wreck could be protected in the location in which it was found (in situ). This final report on the Vrouw Maria Underwater project describes and brings together the aims and results of the entire project from 2009 to 2012 on a year by year basis and by theme.

The report has been published in English and in Finnish.

Nomination of Paimio Hospital for Inclusion in the World Heritage List

Margaretha Ehrström, Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen and Tommi Lindh (eds.)
2005, 84 p., ISBN 951-616-134-0, ISBN 951-616-135-9 (pdf), ISSN 1236-6447
Museoviraston rakennushistorian osaston raportteja 13

Maija Ekosaari, Sari Jantunen and Leena Paaskoski
2014, 26 pages, ISBN 978-951-616-254-9 (pdf), ISSN-L 2242-8852, ISSN 2242-8852
The National Board of Antiquities' guidelines and instructions 9

A Checklist for Museum Collections Management Policy is a guide for creating a Collections Management Policy. Initially published for Finnish museums, it is now available in English to promote international discussion in collections management development.

A Collections Management Policy is a document prepared by a museum on aims, courses of action and principles of Collections Management and the forms of operation and methods applied in their implementation. A Collections Management Policy document describes the museum's collections management and its related processes. Collections Management Policy is always drawn up from the perspective of the museum in question. The more integrated and accessible the practices, processes and terminology of the collection activities in museums, the easier it will be to engage in other forms of collaboration between museums.