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Jouni Marjamäki

2020, 96 p., paperback., ISBN 978-951-616-230-3, €12 (incl. VAT), 2nd edition

Hvittärsk is a building complex in the national romantic style designed by the architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. The buildings were constructed in 1901–1903 and include homes of the architects and their families and their joint architectural office. This beautifully illustrated guidebook tells the stories of the residents.

Only a few minor changes were made for the 2nd edition.

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2018, 127 p., paperback, ISBN 978-951-616-293-8, €5 (incl. VAT)

This collection of essays complements and expands the contents of the Story of Finland exhibition. It contains, in their entirety, the texts which form the framework of the exhibition open in the National Museum of Finland.

Jouni Kuurne (ed.)
National Board of Antiquities 2017, 304 p., bound, ISBN 978-951-616-290-7, €69 (incl. VAT)
Kansallismuseon julkaisuja 14, ISSN 2343-1180

In December 2016, the National Museum of Finland received a large and valuable donation when Rolando Pieraccini, publisher, literature researcher, collector, patron of the arts, and a great lover of Finland, donated a significant collection of manuscript materials to the Finnish Heritage Agency. The collection, called the Rolando and Siv Pieraccini collection, contains some 6,500 original letters, documents, and photos from famous persons who have had a significant impact on the history of Finland. The new publication present materials related to Jean Sibelius. The publication is bilingual (Finnish and English).

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Julkinen ja kätketty Suomi – Det offentliga och det dolda Finland
Inkamaija Iitiä, Hannu Häkkinen and Jaana Onatsu

2017, 240 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-951-616-285-3, €15 (incl. VAT)

The Finnish Heritage Agency and the National Museum of Finland celebrate 100-year-old Finland. The exhibition The Public and the Hidden Finland brings into spotlight around 100 expressive photographs covering the time of the independence, selected from the more than 15 million pictures in the Board of Antiquities' Picture Collections. The photographs paint a multifaceted picture of the era of Finnish independence. They tell a story of a country of equality, welfare and co-operation, but also bring to light phenomena that we have perhaps wanted to forget or even hide. The publication is in three languages (Finnish, Swedish and English).

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2016, 149 p., ISBN 978-951-616-273-0, €29 (includes VAT)
Publications of the National Board of Antiquities 5, ISSN 2243-1357

The publication presents the seven Finnish World Heritage sites through images and written word. The publication, created together with the background organisations of the World Heritage sites, aims to promote the recognition of the sites both in Finland and abroad. Two bilingual versions of the book have been published, one in Finnish and Swedish and the other in English and French.

The purpose of the World Heritage in Finland publication is to present the special characteristics of each site and to explain why they have been recognised as unique, even on a global scale. At the same time, the book explores the often colourful history of the sites and describes the operations and principles of Unesco in the protection of cultural and natural heritage. The book is published in Finnish and Swedish edition and in English and French edition.

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Minerva Keltanen (ed.)
2015, 64 p., paperback, ISBN 978-951-616-264-8 € 2 (includes VAT)
Publications of the National Museum of Finland 7

The National Museum’s ‘The Best of’ publication in English presents, in texts and pictures, the ten most significant artefacts of the museum from different periods. They include the oldest artefact ever found in Finland, the Antrea Net, as well as the mask believed to have been worn by King Gustav III of Sweden at a masquerade on the fateful night of his assassination. A more modern period is represented by the most popular mobile phone of its time, the Nokia 3310.

In addition, the book presents the fabulous architecture of the National Museum building and its most important interior features, such as the Gallen-Kallela frescos. The publication also includes a short article on the phases of Finland’s history.

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The State of Collections and Research
Elina Anttila (ed.)
2015, 208 p., hardback, ISBN 978-951-616-249-5, € 42 (includes VAT)

The Vera Saarela Foundation replenishes and enriches the collection of Russian porcelain in the National Museum of Finland. This publication is based on the exhibition and the conference "Russian Porcelain: the State of Reseach and Collections" arranged in the museum in 2009. The publication represents the finest examples of the collection with commentaries from wide range of specialists in the field of Russian porcelain. The articles are in English and Russian.

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