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The End of Glory Days? Biography of the Swedish wrecks as Blue Heritage of Sveaborg.

The international research programme for 2021–2026, The Lost Navy, Sweden’s ”Blue” Heritage c. 1450–1850, is currently ongoing. The programme aims to collect information about the ships in the fleet and the life stories related to them. It is the most extensive joint marine archaeology and history project in the Baltic Sea region.

The research programme is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, and its partners include the Centre for Maritime Studies (CEMAS) of Stockholm University, the maritime and transport history museums of Sweden, and the Finnish Heritage Agency.

In Finland, the research project The End of Glory Days? Biography of the Swedish wrecks as “Blue” Heritage of Sveaborg focuses on Suomenlinna and the shipwrecks around it. How many of the wrecks observed in the sea are from the archipelago fleet?

Marine archaeologists use modern research methods when studying the secrets of the seabed. The Finnish Heritage Agency’s partners include the Governing Body of Suomenlinna, the Maritime Archaeological Society of Finland, the University of Helsinki, and the Ehrensvärd Society.

You can follow the research project on social media for its entire duration.

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Underwater research is carried out on the wreck seen in the video, for example. The dendrochronological results date it to after the 1780s. The photogrammetrical model was created by the project experts Kari Hyttinen and Pasi Lammi in the demanding underwater conditions by Suomenlinna.