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Administrative materials

Administrative materials of the State Archaeological Commission and the Finnish Heritage Agency that are related to the cultural environment refer to received requests for statements, statements, other correspondence, memorandums and records.

The archives contain a great deal of administrative materials concerning matters related to the built cultural environment and archaeology. For example, the archives include documents related to protected buildings and other buildings of cultural and historic value, protection declarations related to ancient monuments, statements related to land use planning, and research permits related to archaeological sites and artefacts. Older administrative materials include correspondence pertaining to the management and renovation of castles from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, among other things. Administrative materials are also included in the separately catalogued municipality-specific collection of historic materials: this collection of the former Department/Bureau of History includes a wealth of materials related to manors and churches.

The order in which administrative documents are organised in the archives varies. A municipality-specific order is common. Most of the more recent (post-1990) administrative documents are ordered by subject matter.