The customers of The Finnish Heritage Agency Library have the right to use the electronic books acquired by the library. A valid Helka library card is required.

The library has a special collection of e-books covering cultural heritage topics, e.g. museology and archaeology. In order to get access to the e-book collection the customer needs to register to the e-book portal at the library premises. By doing this the customer gives the library permission to use this registration data only for the purposes of maintaining the e-book borrowing services.  After registration at the library premises the portal is accessible from anywhere via internet with a user code and password. The Finnish Heritage Agency Library has the right to deny the access to the portal temporarily or finally because of budgetary reasons or for other reasons related to the use of the portal. The library has an obligation to remove users if their Helka library cards are no longer valid or if there is any doubt that the customer has violated the terms of use in some way. Some e-books in our collection are not directly available because they are expensive and therefore have to be requested first. The library has to accept or deny the loan request first

You may:

  • browse the e-book for free for five minutes before you decide to borrow it
  • search and browse the e-book collection in our portal
  • borrow an e-book for 14 days to be used anywhere via internet by Adobe Reader (recommended) or download it for 14 days in order to use it only on a specific mobile device (not recommended) with Adobe Digital Edition (for Windows) or Bluefire reader (for Ipads or Android devices).
  • print and save sections of an e-book (generally 5-10%) for your personal use in study, teaching or research
  • share individual sections of an e-book with a third party for purposes of scientific research and communication

You may not:

  • use an e-book or parts thereof for commercial purposes
  • distribute, sell or modify an e-book, or make derivative works of it
  • systematically download e-books by robots or other automatic processes

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