Digitising materials in the facilities of the Press Photo Archive JOKA (cropped image), Ilari Järvinen / JOKA / Finnish Heritage Agency

JOKA – Contact information

In the accordance with the Finnish Government’s recommendations, Press Photo Archive JOKA will re-open on June 2, 2020. Material request forms will be available on the website from May 18, 2020. A limited number of research workspaces will be available for customers. Follow the guidance on hygiene and social distancing in all activities to protect youself and others from coronavirus (COVID-19). There may be temporary delays and limitations in the services.

Opening hours:

Tue − Thu: 10 am − 3 pm
The customer service is closed on Mondays and Fridays and in July.

Visiting address:

Collections and Conservation Centre
Kanervikkotie 4, 01380 Vantaa, Finland