A research room for the use of the customers of the Finnish Heritage Agency on Sturenkatu, Helsinki (cropped image), Soile Tirilä / Finnish Heritage Agency

Customer service

The customer service desk is open Tue–Thu 10:00–16:00 and closed on Mondays, Fridays, and throughout July. The safety measures required by the coronavirus pandemic may affect the services.

Safe distances and good hand hygiene are maintained in the premises of the Finnish Heritage Agency. We adhere to the restrictions regarding the number of customers and recommend that everyone wear a face mask. The Finnish Heritage Agency follows the instructions of the government, the Regional State Administrative Agencies and the municipalities.

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The Finnish Heritage Agency aims to offer its customers and staff safe premises in both normal and exceptional conditions. The facilities are being cleaned more frequently, and we are paying special attention to the cleanliness of the customer terminals and other contact areas. We offer visitors the opportunity to sanitise their hands at the entrance.


We will ensure that visitors are able to keep safe distances from other visitors as well as our staff in the customer service premises. We will keep a distance of 2 metres from all customers. Personal guidance on using the materials will be provided from a safe distance. Please maintain safe distances also when moving about elsewhere in the premises.


We recommend wearing a face mask when visiting the customer service premises of the Finnish Heritage Agency. The recommendation applies to persons over the age of 12. Please bring your own mask!


Our customer service personnel follow the instructions provided about hand hygiene and coughing hygiene. Please do the same!


If you feel ill, please stay home until you have made a full recovery.

Tel. +358 295 33 6100
The customer service:
open Tue-Thu 10-16
closed on Mondays and Fridays and in July.
The visiting address: Sturenkatu 2a, Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 295 33 6127
The customer service:
open Tue-Thu 10-15
closed on Mondays and Fridays and in July.
The visiting address:
Collections and Conservation Centre
Kanervikkotie 4, 01380 Vantaa, Finland

The Finnish Heritage Agency has published more than 200,000 pictures from its collections as print-quality image files for anyone to use via the Finna online service of museums, archives and libraries. The Finnish Heritage Agency has also opened its dedicated Finna view, museovirasto.finna.fi, from where the images can be downloaded free of charge.

Images of the Press Photo Archive JOKA can be found at the address museovirasto.finna.fi/joka.

The majority of the print-quality, high-resolution images is published under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licence. Images marked with this licence can be freely downloaded and used when mentioning the name of the photographer or author and the owner of the collection. The licence of a small number of images further restricts their use. If an image contains living persons, their permission must be requested for the image to be used for marketing and advertising purposes. When using the photos, please adhere to the photo-specific licence, user instructions and good practice.

Only a small share of the 18 million pictures in the Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency has been digitised and released online so far. New images are constantly being added to the service. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our customer service. Pictures ordered through the customer service are charged according to our price list.

You can also study images from the Picture Collections in the researchers’ hall of the Finnish Heritage Agency by requesting the images two weeks in advance. Requests are made online using the material order form. You can also use the form to request materials from the archives. If the delivery time exceeds two weeks or the material cannot be delivered, you will be notified accordingly.

The condition of the original picture, its copyright and issues related to the protection of personal data may limit access to and use of the picture. If there are no limitations, you can order a digital copy of the picture and a publication right for it.

The Picture Collections also provide advice on storing pictures.

The material request form and the application form are unavailable at the moment. Please contact kuvakokoelmat@museovirasto.fi / arkisto@museovirasto.fi. Please use the title ”MATERIAL REQUEST” in the email.

Material order form

Application form for the use of materials

Price list

User regulations (pdf)