Picture loans

The original materials in the Picture Collections are loaned to museums for exhibitions and, with certain restrictions, for research and educational purposes. The materials can also be loaned to organisations that fulfil the separately defined terms for loans. The original materials are not loaned to private individuals or for commercial purposes. However, digital or paper copies of the original materials can be ordered with certain limitations.

The Finnish Heritage Agency’s picture collections, archaeological collections and archives will move to the Collections and Conservation Centre in Vantaa. The original materials in the picture collections will not be available for loan in 2024 and 2025. Loan requests will be accepted until 30 June 2023.

A written loan request must be submitted to the Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency at least six months before the loan period begins. The issues listed in the loan terms must be stated in the loan request. The Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency can request additional clarifications, if necessary.

Each loan request is considered separately. When making the loan decision, factors such as the condition of the material, the exhibition conditions and the loan period are taken into account. The collection policy of the Picture Collections describes the factors influencing the loan decision in more detail.

After a positive loan decision, a written agreement is made on the loan.

The material in the Picture Collections is not loaned outside the Finnish Heritage Agency until an insurance policy has been taken out by the borrower. The borrower is also responsible for any other costs related to the loan, such as transport costs. In addition to this, the borrower must pay the Finnish Heritage Agency a fee for the working hours and materials spent on the loan in accordance with the price list of the Finnish Heritage Agency.

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