Articles in Kamera magazine 2022

A record-breaking salmon in Muhos, 1928 (cropped image). Photo: Martti Kesäniemi / Kaleva / Press Photo Archive JOKA

Kamera 1/2022

A fish story

A huge catch captured by a village photographer in 1928.

Volunteers on the back of a pickup in Hämeenlinna, 1942–1944 (cropped image). Photo: J. Kahri / Suurtalkoot ry´s collection / Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency

Kamera 2/2022

A nation of volunteers

‘Volunteer and inspire your neighbours to do the same.’

Jussi and Ritva Laisaari’s wedding, 1965. From the left: Amalia Mutanen, Ritva Laisaari (née Boström) and Jussi Laisaari (cropped image). Photo: Helge Heinonen / Press Photo Archive JOKA

Kamera 3/2022

Case Jussi Laisaari

In autumn 1958, young José-Antonio Laisaari Vicente arrives in Helsinki from Spain. Being penniless, he is forced to sleep in a park, but he manages to contact the office of Apu magazine.

President Kekkonen’s New Year’s speech in 1959 is being broadcast over TV and radio from the Presidential Palace. Director General Einar Sundström (left) from the YLE and Paavo Arni (cropped image). Photo: Jussi Pohjakallio / Otavamedia / JOKA

Kamera 4/2022


Jussi Pohjakallio and the Origin of the Speech.

Lempi Kölli (cropped image). Photo: Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency

Kamera 5/2022

‘Have your picture taken in good company’

Multigraph portraits: a style of studio photography.

Plastic tapes were not made to last. They cause a significant proportion of the damage to museum collections and storage challenges (cropped image). Photo: Tiina Oasmaa / Press Photo Archive JOKA

Kamera 6/2022

Indestructible, destructible plastic

Challenges in safekeeping film photographs.

Sakari Topelius’s memorial being revealed in the Ratakatu park on 13 May 1932. The purpose of the statue was to celebrate both Topelius and the children of Finland (cropped image). Photo: Hugo Sundström

Kamera 7/2022

An end to an argument over a statue

Press photographer Hugo Sundström recorded news images of the past for future generations.

Tunnelling in Kolosjoki has begun, 1937 (cropped image). Photo: Niilo Tuura / Niilo Tuura’s collection / Finnish Heritage Agency

Kamera 8/2022

Meeting with miners

Petsamon Nikkeli’s mine and Kolosjoki’s mining community were captured on film by Niilo Tuura.

Shopping at Hakaniemi Market Hall, 1988 (cropped image). Photo: Timo Kirves / Press Photo Archive JOKA

Kamera 9/2022

Focusing on people

´I am eternally fascinated by people and capture them in my street photographs.´