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Loaning archaeological artefacts for exhibition purposes

When the objective is to loan the artefacts of archaeological collections for an exhibition, it is wise to negotiate the matter with the intendant of the archaeological collections before making a formal loan request. A loan request should be initiated in due time. The recommendation is to initiate a loan request at least six months before the artefacts are needed.

An exhibition loan request together with the list of requested artefacts is submitted by e-mail to The e-mail must indicate the exhibition for which the artefacts are requested, for which period and for which kind of venue. The exhibition venue must be monitored and accordant with the conditions required by the artefacts. The artefacts are documented before the loan. The condition of metal and other artefacts made of delicate materials will be evaluated. Restoration of some artefacts may be necessary. This will all take time.

The Finnish Heritage Agency will charge a handling fee to cover the costs of taking out the artefacts, packing the artefacts and returning the artefacts to the collection. Also, evaluating the artefacts’ condition and conservations entail costs. The Finnish Heritage Agency will define the insured value of the artefacts. The borrower must insure the artefacts for the duration of transportations and exhibition based on these definitions. The maximum loan period is normally five years, after which it is possible to apply for an extension.

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