Christmas lights at the crossroads of Kirkkokatu and Saaristonkatu in Oulu, 14 December 1951 (cropped image), Kaleva / JOKA / Finnish Heritage Agency. Objektinumero: JOKAKAL3B:23499


The collection of negatives and prints from the newspaper Kaleva from Oulu includes 1.5 million photographs (a medium-sized press photograph archive): political history, sports history and event history from a northern Finnish perspective. The photographs illustrate the change in the cultural environment in the Oulu region. The core of the collection consists of 225 photograph albums, also known as ‘Aaro’s albums’, which include approximately 23,500 press photographs with their original negatives. The oldest negatives are glass plate negatives from the 1930s, while the latest negatives are from the 1990s.

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