Kamera-magazine articles 2023

Kaartin lasaretti military hospital, 2 April 1912. Artur Faltin / Finnish Heritage Agency's picture collections

Kamera 1/2023

Early 20th century Helsinki in photographs

Artur Faltin used his camera to capture scenes of everyday life in factories, hospitals, construction sites, offices, shops and schools.

Alvar Aalto’s home and studio, Munkkiniemi, Helsinki, 9 January 1952. Räshid Nasretdin / Nasakuva / Press Photo Archive JOKA / Finnish Heritage Agency.

Kamera 2/2023

At Alvar Aalto's home studio

In January 1952, press photographer Räshid “Nasa” Nasretdin visited Alvar Aalto’s architectural studio to capture the professionals at work and to shoot some behind-the-scenes images too.

Shopping for sweets in Helsinki, 1959. István Rácz / Finnish Heritage Agency’s picture collections

Kamera 3/2023

István Rácz (1908–1998) – a camera on the move

Hungarian-born photographer István Rácz led a colourful life, capturing everything from everyday moments to high art, in Finland and across Europe.

Uudenmaa Jaeger Battalion in Porvoo. Borgåbladet, 27 March 1965. Leif Wickström / Östnyland Borgåbladet / Press Photo Archive JOKA / Finnish Heritage Agency.

Kamera 4/2023

The unknown photographer

Local newspapers tell the stories of our everyday lives.

A sleigh displayed on a field in Sorola, Jaakkima, pre-1909. U. T. Sirelius / Finnish Heritage Agency’s picture collections.

Kamera 5/2023

New perspectives by U T Sirelius

A distinguished ethnologist, Sirelius travelled extensively in Finland and related regions.

Children’s reception centre 17 in Buguruslan, 1921–1922. Isaiah Liberman / Otavamedia / Press Photo Archive JOKA / Finnish Heritage Agency.

Kamera 6/2023

When death came to Samara

Photographic evidence of famine engulfing the Soviet Union moved the public to donate.